Deadburg is available!

Deadburg, the first release from Reanimated Games is now live on the Xbox LIVE Indie Game store!

Check it out here, or find it in the Indie Game channel on your Xbox 360.

21 thoughts on “Deadburg is available!

  1. 2-3 local co-op is clearly listed (you know, in green). This is either a hidden feature, completely broken, a blatantly missed error, or a flat out lie. Buyer beware.

    • Hi Xeros,

      Sorry about that, the publishing options aren’t laid out the same on the developer side and I made an incorrect assumption about what those options referred to. I will be removing them as soon as I can (Which is next week based on the schedule indies can publish at). I’ll leave this comment up in the hopes of informing people as much as it may be able to.

      Jeff L.

  2. Major kudos for addressing the issue promptly and sincerely! Absence of local aside, this title shows solid promise. I’m looking forward to the future of this one.


  3. Game is incredible. I could go on and on about why it’s incredible, but it just is. No more to be said.

    … except for “Thank You!”. 🙂

  4. Hay I’ve noticed xbox360 version contains alot of errors… I lag out on blue screen alot when in the inventory or while loading game. Can I ask are you planning on updating this game alot or is that it now?

    • The current plan is to release both stability and content updates. The content updates will largely depend on if people are still playing the game. There’s one planned and based on the reception the game is getting I’d expect more after it.

      Stability updates will be going out as long as I can find and fix issues.

  5. Deadburg is a really fun game I’ve played it all night with my friend and I’m just wondering the date you are planning on releasing the update and what’s gonna be in it. It would be awesome if you could fix the zombies so they don’t stay still after running away thank you.

    • First content update should be around the end of the month. But the code isn’t done so that’s only an estimate. Big features are the “apocalypse” map modifier, the zombie defense game mode and additional gun types (Silenced).

      There may be some other smaller features pulled in as well, but I haven’t decided on which at this point.

  6. Thanks. I got a good feeling about this game it’s got alot of potential. I’ll look out for bugs. Thanks for making a good game

  7. Sorry I’m not trying to spam but there’s a few things that would be nice in your game.


    2.characters(not avatars but customizable characters)

    3.takes less xp level up

    4.real gunshops

    5.more guns inventory

    7.harder find supplies


    9.different types of zombies

    10.barricades and water degrades faster

    12.if limited inventory,backpacks that extend inventory

    It would be alot better with these on my opinion. Thanks for reading my list there may be more

  8. Hey i bought the game and it worked for a few hours but now whenever i start the game my guy is looking in the air. And nothing works, i cant move anything. My guy just switched items in his hand without me doing anything. Please patch this asap. Thank you! Loved the game for the few hours it did work though

    • Hey Tyler

      I’ve got a couple reports of this issue. Don’t have a fix for it yet.

      Can you try opening up the game, then going to Settings->Controls->Key Bindings, then hit “X” to reset defaults. Then try to play again. Trying to determine if its a keybinding corruption issue, that should “reset” them.

  9. Hello team developers it his almost been 11 months since the game of Deadburg was released. It his been updated a couple of times which is great but it his been many months since the last one and why have you guys stop making it better I do under stand its a indie game and its low budget. Please don’t give up on this awesome game you really cant find good indie games like this and tell me if you guys are still working on it please.

    • Hi King,

      I am still working on Deadburg however for the past few months I’ve been working on a new game which has taken the majority of my time. We hope to have that out here shortly and then I’ll be resuming work on Deadburg proper. I’ll post more news about that once I’ve got some more concrete plans in place.

      • Thank you so much for the update and thank you for your response also a idea for deadburg how about you make a US air force AC-130 fly above and drop supplies just an idea.

    • Hey Chase,

      Sorry for the delayed reply, I haven’t been checking the comments on this page as much as I should.

      All of the XBLIG games, of which Deadburg is one, were removed from the store in the Fall of 2017 by Microsoft. You should still be able to play the game, but new players can’t buy a copy.

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